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A clean pipe is a smooth pipe. So try our Zen pipe cleaners to keep your pipe smooth and clean. Comes in soft bristle and rigid bristle. 6′ long, extra absorbent, 100% cotton filler. Pack of 44 for just $3.

Like to roll your own cigarettes? Try these Zig-Zag rolling papers, just $2.50 per pack. Choose from Classic or Ultra Thin.

Our Pipe Tool has a fold-out poker, scraper, and packer.

What about ash? The ball ashtray helps to keep smoke and ash inside so it doesn’t get all over your table. Made of plastic with a clear, flip-open lid, plus three grooves to hold your cigarette. $10 each.

Going travelling? Take your smoke on the road with our leather Pipe Pouch. Holds your tobacco and two pipes, for just $95.

Pipe Tool $5

Pipe Tool $8





Pipe Pouch

Pipe Pouch

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