Why grind? Ground tobacco burns more smoothly and evenly, and tends to stay lit better.

This Rocky Mountain Highs wood grinder will help you shred full tobacco leaf, and it’s got our name on it! What could possibly be better than that? And for only $25 too. It is solid wood, 2.25″ diameter with long metal teeth.

Here’s what you do:

1. Take a tobacco leaf and remove the main stem from the center of the leaf, starting at the top of the leaf and pulling downwards.

2. Lay the leaves out on a flat surface. How long they need to dry depends on where you live, the kind of tobacco you have, what time of year, etc. They shouldn’t get too dry nor should they be too wet. You’ll get a feel for it after doing it once or twice.

3. Break the leaves up by hand, to about 2″ pieces. Place a few in the grinder, turn it a couple of times, and presto! You’ve got ground tobacco.

Tobacco Leaf drying

Tobacco Leaf drying

Hanging Tobacco Leaf

Hanging Tobacco Leaf

Shredded and fine ground

Shredded and fine ground

You don't have to use this anymore

You don’t have to use this anymore

or this

or this!

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